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Try it Before You Buy it

Employers have been faced with more “unique situations” with regard to staffing than in many years prior. It was the year of the creation of staffing terms like Ghosting, Quiet Quitting, Loud Quitting, and the Great Resignation.  The newest for 2024, are Bare Minimum Mondays and Boomeranging.  Bare Minimum Mondays refers to employees who come to work Monday but are very low energy and try to get away with doing as little as possible.  Boomeranging is when you rehire someone back at a higher salary and you are not really sure that they’ve got a different attitude and won’t just turn around and leave again.  These terms would be comical if it wasn’t so stressful. What if I told you that I could make these headaches go away or at least soften the blow a bit?


Let’s say I gave you a “Try Before You Buy” employee.  It doesn’t make great sense to direct hire an employee on your own because it doesn’t give you a chance to see what kind of work ethic they have, or whether they actually bring to the table the skills they say they had when you interviewed them.  A lot of employers feel that when they direct hire an employee they are getting better quality candidates and saving money. This isn’t necessarily true. With temp to permanent, Medical Personnel Services can give you the same kind of talent (reliable and skilled) for the same kind of pay, in the same timeframe or even quicker.  You can take our employee, interview them to make sure they are a good fit, and put them to work. When you’ve decided they are, then you can put them on your payroll.  We will apply the fees you have already paid and give this as a discount to you.


Quite possibly all you need is someone who can come in and catch something up, or fill in when an employee is on vacation or on a long-term leave – why would you hire someone for that when you don’t need them long term?  Let us put a temp in place for you.  Use them for as long as you need them.


Working with our employees, allows you to see how well the employee can do a job, and how they  interact with your staff.  On our side, we assume all of the costs and the risks as we are responsible for handling background checks, drug screens, onboarding, payroll and payroll taxes, new hire reporting, and if it happens – unemployment claims.  We handle the difficult conversations with employees and if necessary, the termination process. 


Try Before You Buy means that you can save time, energy, and overall have less risk and upfront expense and responsibilities.




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