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Spring 2024 Hot Candidates!

Clinical Positions:

MAs and CMAs – We currently have a mixture of both certified and non-certified medical assistants.  Some of them are very new to the field and some are very experienced.  All can room patients, do vitals, obtain and document health histories, medication lists, triage, chart documentation, stock and maintain exam rooms, etc.  Most of them also can do EKGs, injections, and immunizations.  We have some that can only work specific hours as they are in school.  Some of the MAs are bilingual, which is a great asset to have in a medical office.  We have several who have worked in multiple specialties.  Their salary requests vary with experience. 

Phlebotomists – We have some phlebotomists that can not only draw blood, but can manage the lab, make lab appointments, verify patient information, explain blood draw procedures to patients and answer any questions, as well as calming nervous or frightened patients.  They can also do other labs, such as urinalysis, sputum collection, and other types of biological testing.  They also follow all health and safety protocols to maintain sanitary work areas and in most cases, responsible for keeping the lab stocked, including ordering supplies. 

LPNs – We have some LPNs who are wanting to transition from extended care or hospital settings to working in physicians’ offices.  They monitor patient vital signs, administer medications, communicate with other nursing staff, physicians, and family members, and assist in medical procedures, collect specimens/phlebotomy, injections, and immunizations.  In some physician offices, LPNs can actually start IVs and manage them if they have the proper training. 

RNs – We have some RNs who are wanting to transition from extended care and hospital settings, and we have some that have already worked physician offices in the past.  RNs obtain patient health history, counsel and educate patients and their families on treatment plans, administer medications, wound care, and work on treatment plans with supervisors and physicians.  Our RNs have worked in multiple specialties. 

Clerical Positions:

Practice Manager – We currently have several very qualified practice manager candidates.  They completely know their way around an office by way of having worked previously in different roles for specialty practices. They know how to effectively communicate goals, standards and expectations to staff.  They maintain appropriate charge levels for patient evaluation encounters, outpatient procedures, injections and administration fees and medical supply charges.  They coordinate provider credentialing, insurance credentialing, payroll, vendor set up, remittance, reimbursement and back routing setup. They establish practice standards, operating goals and cost reduction standards.  They are comfortable running reports and discussing with physicians the best practices they’d recommend to run the office more efficiently. They know how to effectively lead from years of experience doing so.  They are EMR savvy.


Front Desk Receptionist – Check-In/Check-Out --  Multiple candidates available – Greets and welcomes patients to the practice. Verifies the patient’s insurance coverage, and collects copay. Discusses balances remaining on account. Verifies that the patient’s demographics are still all correct and updates. Schedules appointments by phone and in person. Handles faxed requests as they come in.  Takes patient’s calls and sends messages to appropriate staff for refills, etc.  Have worked within multiple specialties and various EMR systems. 

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