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Medical Coder/CPC

The duties and responsibilities of a Medical Coder vary from one healthcare facility to another. The main duty of a Medical Coder is assigning codes to medical procedures and diagnoses. Other duties and responsibilities of a Medical Coder include:

Job Duties:

  • Making sure that codes are assigned correctly and sequenced appropriately as per government and insurance regulations

  • Complying with medical coding guidelines and policies

  • Receiving and reviewing patients’ charts and documents for verification and accuracy

  • Following up and clarifying any information that is not clear to other staff members

  • Collecting information made by the Physician from different sources to prepare monthly reports

  •  Implementing strategic procedures and choosing strategies and evaluation methods that provide correct results

  • Examining any medical malpractice that has been reported by analyzing and identifying the medical procedures, diagnoses or events that lead to the negligence

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