Medical Personnel Services (MPS) was developed to provide professional assistance to help the medical community handle their staffing needs. We provide medical offices with full- and part-time employees on a temporary, permanent, or temp-to-hire basis. Our registry of experienced medical personnel helps your office maintain the level of care that physicians and patients expect.

We offer the following...

Administrative Relief: MPS handles all of the administrative tasks and costs associated with employment, including payroll, compliance with federal and state requirements, workers compensation coverage, FICA payments, withholding and unemployment taxes, and all MPS employees are covered by our business insurance policies.

Thorough Screening and Background Checks: MPS carefully screens all applicants, including thorough interviews, criminal background checks, employment verification, skill assessments tests, clinical license verification, abuse registry check and drug screens.

Orientation: Orientation is provided for long-term assignments at no additional cost.

Taxes: MPS pays all required taxes on MPS employees and all employees are covered by MPS’ worker's compensation and liability policies.

Privacy: If you need to conduct interviews off-site, especially for sensitive situations, MPS has private space available for your use, including before or after regular business hours.

Payroll Only Processing:  If you’ve found the right candidate on your own but need them to begin work before your organization can complete its required employment process, MPS can help. We provide either payroll-only services allowing your candidate to begin working immediately or vetting services to speed up the employment process.

Vetting Services: MPS can handle the vetting process for a potential employee you've found, performing several levels of background checks and testing to ensure you've found the best employee for your practice. 

Ready When You Need Help.  Our temporaries are ready when you need them. Our rates are very competitive for both temporary and permanent placement services. There is a 90-day limited guarantee on permanent placements, subject to terms and conditions.

 MPS will save you time and reduce costs associated with recruiting employees.

Types of Employees:

  • Temporary employees work for MPS which then contracts them out to medical offices looking for staffing assistance. Temps may work a part day, a full day or even a week or two but they remain employees of MPS and will likely work at a variety of medical offices during their time with MPS.

  • Permanent employees are recruited by MPS for a client’s job opening, and upon receiving and accepting a job offer, they become an employee of that practice.

  • Temp-to-hire employees start out as employees of MPS but transition into employees of the medical office after a prescribed period time. Many medical offices use this practice to ensure a new employee works out well and fits in with the organization.

All our employees have a minimum of one (1) year of recent applicable experience in a physician's office.  

two doctors speaking and looking documents

MPS's registry of experienced and ready to go employees can fill the following positions for you:

  • Nurse Practitioner

  • Physician Assistant

  • Scribe

  • Registered Nurse

  • Licensed Practical Nurse

  • Medical Assistant

  • Phlebotomist

  • Ophthalmic Tech

  • X-Ray Technician

  • Business Manager

  • Office Manager

  • Bookkeeper

  • Medical Secretary

  • Insurance Clerk

  • Billing Clerk

  • Collections

  • Coder

  • Scheduler

  • Receptionist/Front Desk

  • Medical Records Clerk

  • Data Entry Clerk

  • Administrative Assistant

  • Payment Poster

  • Dental Assistant

  • Dental Hygienist

  • Dental Front Office & Billing