If you are unable to work or will be late, contact the assigned office immediately, then notify your MPS coordinator! If it is before or after MPS office hours, leave a message on the emergency phone at 423-902-2504.

Be Dependable

Observe all policies of the office to which you are assigned (i.e. breaks, lunches, and dress code).

MPS is Your Employer

Please discuss any problems, salary, and payroll questions with your MPS coordinator. Do not discuss your pay rate with any office staff.


The duties, hours and the length of your assignments will vary – you are expected to complete all jobs to which you are assigned. Notify your MPS coordinator when your assignment is completed.


Notify us immediately if you are injured on the job.

Contact Information

Call or email us when you have a change of name, address or phone number. This is imperative in order to receive your W-2 at the end of the year.

Personal Appearance

Smile and be pleasant. Dress according to the recommendations of your staffing coordinator and policies of the office you are going to be working at. Tattoos must be covered and piercings are limited to minimal ear piercings only.

Personal Phone Calls

No personal phone calls or text messages are to be made during office hours. 

Employment Offers

Notify your MPS coordinator immediately if you are contacted about permanent employment by an office where you have previously had a temporary assignment.

Declining Assignments

If you find that temp work is not suitable and you decline multiple assignments offered to you by MPS, we will accept this as your resignation.


Clinical Placements
Cheryl Pedigo

Clerical Placements
Shawn Yates

After Hours Temp Line

MPS is a service of the
County Medical Society.


Time Sheet Information

Time sheets are provided by your staffing coordinator; please make copies for future use. Be sure to complete all information on time sheet (i.e.: name, client name, address etc.) A separate time sheet must be filled out for each job assignment.

NOTE: Time sheets must be signed by your supervisor and received in our office by Monday at 12 p.m. (noon) in order to receive a check for the prior week’s work.

Fax, email to your placement coordinator, or hand deliver your time sheet. Fax time sheets to: 1-866-454-1321 or 423-622-7331.

NOTE: It is your responsibility to submit your time sheet to us and to verify that it has been received by calling 423-591-9834.